Happycat! Free



You are Happycat! As one of the best catnip growers in Catland, your agricultural products have won numerous awards and you have many loyal fans.

But trouble is brewing. The local government recently made catnip illegal and established the Catnip Enforcement Agency (CEA). The CEA agents have taken an interest in your farm, and they're lying in wait among the plants. Your objective is to harvest all the catnip on each level before the CEA agents catch you!

On each level, you'll find a number of special treats scattered among the plants to help you in your mission. You'll want to collect these as quickly as possible, because the treats give you special powers. You can rack up big points sending the CEA agents back to headquarters!

As you proceed through the levels, the treats (being somewhat unusual) will start to affect you in stranger and stranger ways. Eventually, it won't just be the CEA chasing you anymore. You'll be surprised and shocked by what comes after you!

Good luck, and happy harvesting!

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