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    METAL SLUG 1's review

    Published: 2014-05-26, by Peter Warrior.

    The original Metal Slug, ported to mobile devices

    • Faithful to the original
    • New stage selection menu
    • Lack of new and innovative features to improve the original experience

    "It's a little bit knaïfe (pun!)"

    Metal Slug was the favorite of many back at the time, and truth is that SNK made an awesome work to make the most of NeoGeo and, at the same time, reach new audiences thanks to an incredibly balanced difficulty level, something many still nowadays defend as one of the best in history.

    Others say it was too easy, though, but that's why we are so lucky: the game has been ported to mobile devices so everybody can say their reasons, no matter if you played at the time or not.

    In fact, this port is so faithful to the original that you can trust your memory and play as you played back then. A new option to play a single stage has also been added, so you can look for all hostages (and their underwear!) and score perfect knife-based scores.

    Likewise, in order to adapt the game to mobile devices, there's a more than welcomed autofire option.

    Therefore, a game as good as it was, and in fact, a game that would also score high ratings if it were to be launched bran-new today.

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    May 26, 2014

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