Prison Shank



Welcome to the slammer Fish!!!

From now on your life will change dramatically. You are in the most dangerous U.S prison, home of the most violent and cruel criminals in the world.

As your only friend here I give you this SHANK for protection. If you want to survive this hellhole you have to fight the leaders of this prison.

Tyrone: start with this guy because he is the weakest, and word in the prison is that he lost his weapon in a "sweep". He is slow and without a weapon he is not a big danger.

Bubba: he is a dirty fighter, so watch out for his hands because he can have a really powerful weapon. Be fast, attack his face with the shank and he will go down quickly.

Tombs: watch out for Tombs because he is really strong and he can kill you just for looking at him the wrong way. He always fights with a rock in his hand and he is quite dangerous.

Chico: if you are still breathing you should start fighting Chico but be aware that he is one of the strongest inmates to have ever lived in this prison. He has a shank made from broken glass and I bet he is going to kill you faster than you can scream: "GUARDS!!!"

T-BAG: you made it this far so now you should attack the leader of this prison. Be aware though! He never lost a fight in his life and my opinion is that you don't stand a chance. More people died at his hands than in the "Second World War". Fight him with great caution as he has the sickest weapon in this slammer. He is fast and he will have you "belly-up" in less than 1 minute.


• 5 interesting enemies of varying difficulty
• Multiplayer Mode - Play against your frenemies. Yes that's right! Friends and Enemies....fight them till only one remains.
• Top Scores - Check online who has beaten your records.
• Ranking for all individuals

Prison Shank will rock your world because it's a MEAN, DIRTY and ADDICTIVE game, Especially if you PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS.

This game will take you in the violent and dangerous world of prison life. Fight your way up to gain the deserved respect in order to survive one more day in this deadly slammer.

What OUR friends said about the game:

"It's fun and the best of all it's challenging!"
"Since i have this game i can't stop playing it, it's that addictive.”
"I just love it, it's great idea and the most important it is unique."
"Prison Shank is the bloodiest and most satisfying fighting game ever! I play it all the time with my brother.

Try it Now and join our Fight Club!

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