Aces of the Luftwaffe


Aces of the Luftwaffe's review

by Peter Warrior

A classical shoot'em-up

  • Ol'school gaming
  • Intense and challenging
  • It might be boring and repetitive

"Battle of Britain 1940"

This game brings back the über-classical gameplay of those arcades of a quarter a play, in which your plane flew adrift the screen making impossible maneuvers to dodge incoming light balls fired by enemies approaching from the uppermost part of the screen. Those games used to raise their difficulty to insane levels because, well, they were other times.

Therefore, Aces of the Luftwaffe continues that old tradition of ending every level with a boss; to break all known laws of physics regarding aeronautics and air warfare; and to be fun on its own. Move, dodge, fire. In your way, pick power-ups up to make the battle even more chaotic and unbelievable.

Long story short, a game recommended for ol'school gamers, or those willing to play "in the old way", but which doesn't try to bring anything new to mobile gaming nor brags about doing so.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Apr 08, 2013

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