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Wicked is a old-fashioned vertical shooter

  • Simplicity
  • Timewaster
  • Nostalgia
  • Simple graphics
  • Only one game/difficulty mode
  • No online leaderboards

"Polygonal asteroids "

Wicked is a vertical shooter inspired by classics like Space invaders. Actually, graphics are quite similar: 2D glowing-pixelated graphics featuring a grid as space environment and polygonal asteroids as the enemy to avoid-and-destroy. It's really easy to get the hang of it, not to master though: tilt to move the spaceship left/right, tap the X button to fire both sideways and "I" button to fire straight.

Moving and firing are the only way to avoid the asteroids hitting you. When that happens, you lose one life. Running out of your three lives means... Game Over. There's a local highscore hall where you can submit your records. Likewise, you can post your best marks on Facebook. Catches: only one game mode and one difficulty mode, no online leaderboards and tilt controls response which don't run as smooth as expected.

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by Manu , Appszoom

Feb 20, 2013

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