Just got your new toy set with the "Bug-a-boo" bundle tag? Then don't wait, download Bug-a-boo now, enter the bundle pass code* and enjoy this cool bundle App anytime on you iPhone!

Bug-a-boo is an addicting bug collecting game where you need to tilt your iPhone to set target on those ever flying/running bugs and tap the collect button (the double circle) at once to collect the bugs!

The more special species you collect, the higher you'll score. And you can even share your result to challenge your friends via Facebook (requires iOS 6 or later), email, etc

What's more, Bug-a-boo is truly an edutainment game since you'll find information and interesting facts about the bugs that you collect.

Key Features:
- Motion Sensing: Move target marker by tilting iPhone
- 3 types of bugs
- Interesting facts about different types of insects
- Disable/Enable sound and vibration
- Realistic nature sound
- High Score Record
- Quick guide
- Share your result to challenge your friends via email, Facebook (requires iOS6 or later) etc

* Bundle pass code are found on packaging material / printed tags of partnering toy series that adopt the Bug-a-boo App bundle promotion.