The aim is to find as many English sayings as you can. For example, “to butter someone up”, “the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest”, and “ace in the hole”.

See the screenshots to see what we mean!

Gameplay is similar to ‘Where’s Waldo’, but much more mature.

There is a helpful alphabetical list of all the sayings to guide you through.

Discover hundreds of humorous, bizarre, and sometimes risqué interpretations of everyday sayings hidden within 4 famous paintings by T. E. Breitenbach. Imagine a real case of “break the ice”, “cut the rug”, “cat got your tongue”, and “burning the candle at both ends”.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already purchased Proverbidioms posters and jigsaws. Now for the first time, Proverbidioms the App offers a whole new interactive experience to give you hours of addictive, unsurpassed fun and learning!

There are 4 games in this app.

Download now and try the first for free!

Read about the competition we have running, but only the most persevering can enter.

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