Baseball Superstars® 2013


Baseball Superstars® 2013's review

by Peter Warrior

The last so far game in the Baseball Superstars series

  • Great upgrade of 2012 version
  • Outstanding gameplay experience
  • Eventually turns to be too oriented to in app purchases

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"Strike threee!!!"

Baseball Superstars is the most successful Gamevil's series, and it gets millions of downloads every year. This 2013 edition won't be different at all, and it somehow upgrades its predecessor. Batting and pitching experience have been improved, player vs players matches are smoother (though limited to a certain number per day) and there are more items in the shop.

In exchange, game's more in-app purchase oriented than ever, and you'll find very difficult to get premium currency without eventually pulling out your credit card. We also miss more real time action instead of seamed series of minigames.

Anyway, great game, suited for fantasy baseball and casual gamers alike.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Feb 20, 2013

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