5 Best Music And Rhythm Games For Android

5 Best Music And Rhythm Games For Android

While contemplating how long it will take Singstar-like games to reach mobile (Sony already announced an app to transform your mobile into a mic) and who's going to be the brave soul to sell a dancing pad for mobile (beach party!), we've written down this lovely list of music and rhythm games for Android.

Hope you enjoy rockin' out with 'em as much as we do.

5. The Rhythm of Fighters - $0.98

We can't tell yet if The Rhythm of Fighters is a glimpse of mobile fighting games of the future or what. Since it's a principally a rhythm game, it's a great initiation for newbies into the genre, something many gamers might not ever do if not for the cast of iconic SNK characters like Kyo Kusanagi or Athena Asamiya.

5 ex aequo.- School Idol Festival - FREE

School Idol Festival may not be at the top (or bottom) of this list, but it might be be your first choice. The rhythm part alone is enough to make it onto this list, but there are also management features: you administrate an all-girls Japanese teen idol band. They are raising funds to save their high school, and they need your help (wink, wink).

4. Santa Rockstar - FREE

Santa rocks. Period. The jolly protagonist loves carols and he's from Scandinavia, jingling all the way. Santa Rockstar's the mobile equivalent of Guitar Hero, heavy metal-style. Let your mane loose and enjoy riding a flying open sleigh of thunder and lighting bolts, Rüdolf included.

3. Cytus - FREE

There's no way to make a list of music games and not include Cytus. Praised for its gameplay, unmatched to this day; its artwork and overall outstanding quality mean a game released two years ago still gets to the top of the charts... and this list.

2. Beat MP3 Rhythm Game - FREE

Tap Tap Revenge 4 set the standard in the genre, but it was pulled from the Store back in January. Fortunately, a month earlier Beat MP3 was on the shelves ready to take its place. Beat MP3 isn't as classy as its listmates, but allows you to play with your own media library, thusly playing with your very own songs. Isn't it great?

1. Demon's Score - $17.67

Demon's Score features several things to be taken into account. It's Square's, which has plenty to do with that whoops-a-daisy 17-some-odd dollar price tag. Secondly, it isn't a game about singing or dancing, but flying and shooting down everything, like a sort of Dante meets Orpheus in Hell, or something. Lastly, there's a teddy bear AND a storyline, something few if any of the above can boast at all.

Honorable Mention: Bounden - $3.66

Bounden is a rhythm game, but it isn't about tapping on a screen. Rather, you and a partner must move your feet and arms and twist your hips instead. We've spoken of its marvels here, there, and yonder, so we found there was no need to insist much further.

Of course, feel free to flood the comments below with your own suggestions, or tell us how you'd like your dream music game to be. It might become a game that oughtta be, who knows.


  • Cesar - 2015-05-26 22:20:30

    Why don't you use actual images from Cytus? The game has such great art.

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