5 Funniest iOS Apps For Having A Giggle

5 Funniest iOS Apps For Having A Giggle

Our mobiles have all kinds of noble uses, from making us more productive, to reminding us to take our meds. But what good is living if you can't have a little laugh from time to time? Our phones are equally handy when we get tired of adulting, and fancy a giggle or two.

From jokes, to cartoons, to ridiculous memes and fail videos, there are all number of playful, pee-your-pants apps out there just waiting to brighten your day.

The following list is a selection of our most favorite apps for having a giggle, alone or with pals.

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Best Meme Generator by Memeful

Who doesn't love a good meme? Best Meme Generator from Memeful has a brilliant selection of templates to customize your own creations, and a huge catalogue of the most hilarious memes from the most popular social networks.

Upload your own pictures and quickly edit each meme to send to your friends and upload to social networks. Sharing a giggle shouldn't take long, and Best Meme Generator lets you create amusing memes in less than a minute.

Best Meme Generator by Memeful Best Meme Generator by Memeful icon

Best Meme Generator by Memeful

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We love GIFs in the Appszoom office. It's our stock reply to almost all questions, and the only suitable way to express what we're truly feeling and thinking: announcements of joy, expressions of disapproval, birthdays, babies, having to go home with a dodgy tummy... And it's always a race to see who can out-trump the others with the wittiest and most amusing animated GIFs.

GIPHY lets you instantly tap into a huge pool of GIFs to come up with the best replies to any conversation. The menus are colorful, the categories are appropriate and quickly accessible, and the search function makes it easy to quickly find the perfect retort.

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Buzzfeed is the news feed of hilariousness and absurdity. It's become really popular thanks to its curated compilation of gifs, cutting opinion articles, and cat-devotion. Of course, BuzzFeed relies on an active community; the keystone is that members are always ready to share hilarious stuff.

Create a BuzzFeed account to enjoy it to the fullest: navigate through articles and gifs, upvote them, discover what's hot from categories like omg, wtf, cute, and fail, and don't forget to save the best posts to your favorites list to enjoy again later.


If stupidly funny images and memes are your things, 9GAG is your boy. Navigate through thousands of memes, gifs, rage comics, epicfails, and, of course, cats organized in categories including Ho", Trending, Geeky, and NSFW.

There's also a section exclusively devoted to videos that users have found on the net - hit 'Explore' to quickly and easily search by keyword and browse each of the categories.

9GAG is an infinite source of memes and popular jokes. In short, a must-have app: laughs guaranteed.


Everyone's been talking about MSQRD, the highly hilarious video selfie app that converts your face with one of many filters into something totally ridiculous.

Take a video clip of your silliness (or just a static photo) and share it with buddies as you please. It works way better than you think it does, and practically guarantees laughs.

MSQRD — Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies MSQRD — Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies icon

MSQRD — Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies

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Translated by Jayne Deacon

Which are your favorite apps for having a laugh? Give us a giggle in the Comments below.