5 Television Apps for TV Junkies (iOS)

5 Television Apps for TV Junkies (iOS)

TV Shows have become more and more popular over the past few years. Back in the day, when I asked someone what they like to do in their kick-back time, "I like watching shows" wouldn't come up very often. Nowadays, it frequently does. People are now fully addicted to their favorite series, consuming them wherever and whenever possible.

Mobile applications have revolutionized keeping track of all the shows you watch, searching for all the info about the cast and episodes and, of course, sharing your opinions with other die-hard fans.

In addition, there has also been a growth of official apps based on particular TV shows, but only the most popular ones make the cut.

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We've narrowed down our very favorite TV show apps to the following: TVShow Time, Netflix, Clippit, Viggle and CSI: Hidden Crimes.

Scroll down to read all about them!

Keep Track: TV Show Time

TVShow Time is an effective app for those addicted to TV shows. The app will let you know when your favorite shows are coming up, and you will also be able to keep track of all the episodes you watch.

The app includes thousands of TV shows, and it also provides helpful information about the actors and episodes. Share what you watch with your friends and family.

Watch Them: Netflix

Clippit is a social application that solves a problem we've all suffered from at one time: you've just watched an amazing live scene on one of your favorite TV shows and need to share it with your bestie - NOW!

Clippit let's you browse its library, cut the clip at the exact scene, and send it to your friends so they can enjoy it as well. The app is well-crafted and intuitive, although the clips are limited to 30 seconds.

Make The Most Of It: Viggle

Viggle presents an amazing idea, bound for success among fans of music and TV shows. The app gives you points every time you watch an episode or listen to a song and you will be able to redeem those points and get gift cards from various stores.

An interesting app that requires daily usage in order to get enough points.

Viggle Viggle icon


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Become Involved: CSI Hidden Crimes

If you're a fan of the hit TV show, or simply wanna feel what it's like to work in the CSI department, go ahead and try CSI Hidden Crimes. The app presents a professionally designed game, with an intuitive gameplay and responsive controls.

Solve the crimes by following clues and accomplishing the objectives listed in every new scene. A fascinating and captivating adventure for fans of crime and murder!

Are you a TV show fan? Which apps can you not live without? Share it in the comments!