6 More Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Games For iOS

6 More Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Games For iOS

You’ve already dined at the visual feast of our first list of beautiful games, but your thirst for lovely visuals has yet to be slaked. Fear not! Appszoom’s expert editors bring you round two of the most aesthetically pleasing apps your little iOS heart can handle.


Every so often comes along a game that blows you out of the water with flawless execution of a truly original idea. Type:Rider combines an aesthetic feast – we’re talking dynamic music and backgrounds that would be right at home in museums, folks – with actual hardcore educational information about typography.

Travel as two dots – an umlaut, mayhaps? – in a world silhouetted against richly detailed historical tapestries. Surfaces are composed of an amalgamation of stray oversize letters in the typeface of that world’s theme (Gothic, Garamond, Times New Roman, even everyone’s favorite Comic Sans…), abstract forms, and dynamic puzzles involving everything from pebbles to printing presses. Collect every character from the world’s typeface to ace it, plus gather pages of information to form an encyclopedic guide to the history of fonts.


It seemed like music games might finally be outdated. Then Cytus showed up. Gameplay goes a little bit further than awaiting falling notes, and it also brings some fresh air in the form of a plot about robots and feelings.

Cytus is a place where robots stored human emotions converted to music in order to keep alive what mankind was. It may not be a big deal by itself, but combined with the precious backgrounds and the fast beat trance music it creates an atmosphere.


Reaper is a stunningly gorgeous journey through the Wilderness. It’s at once reminiscent of Zelda, especially the aesthetic of Twilight Princess, and the battle-heavy Dragon Warrior. You play as the legendary Pale Swordsman, here to Save The Day from impish imperials, wild warriors, and maddening monsters alike.

Quickly getting the hang of the jumps and swordplay is key, because you are going to be distracted by the graphics. Quite frankly, they’re sheer beauty – ultra smooth in programming, and vivid colors abound. The Pale Swordsman himself is the ideal balance between badass and kinda cuddly, and the enemy design is equally detailed.

The Line

How often does an app take your breath away? The Line is the most simple and gorgeous game I’ve seen in quite a while.

Rise into the sky by tracing the lines on the screen. As you advance, you’ll need to increase your accuracy and speed in order not to fall into the abyss. It’s not the game mechanics that attract here, though, but the magical combination of ethereal background music combined with simple, beautiful visuals of a vectorized, featureless figure leaping higher and higher across the watercolor wash of sky.

The idea is so simple that there’s no need for a tutorial, and there are no upgrades or bonus items or option to share your experience on social media. The game is a pure experience, managing to be both challenging and very Zen-like to play.


If you’re as fascinated by the intersection of art and app as I am, don’t hesitate – grab Morphopolis immediately. At its core, it’s nothing more than a point-and-tap hidden object puzzler of varying effectiveness, yet the intricate psychedelic package it comes in is worth the entrance price.

Each scene is designed in painstaking detail, ripe with color and form – perhaps akin to Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go!… on acid. The straightforward interface is minimal; you’ll have to intuit the ways in which you can interact with each new display of branches, blooms, and bugs. You’ll collect gobs of goo for a caterpillar to transform into a chrysalis, then be faced with the intricate patterns within a flower in a puzzle sans instructions. Mostly, however, the lack of direction doesn’t feel frustrating – rather than focusing on “winning,” the world is yours to explore at leisure.

Quadropus Rampage

Lovely graphics, intuitive controls, frantic-paced gameplay and a challenging upgrading system. That’s what you’ll get by downloading Quadropus Rampage, a top-notch game that’s free, surprisingly.

In Quadropus Rampage you embody a four-legged cephalopod called Tack, whose mission is to reach the bottom of the ocean and finish off Pete, the evil God of the sea. However, hundreds of Pete’s lackeys must be defeated before getting to that point. The path to the depth is divided by levels (dozens of floating platforms, full of coral and enemies), and the gates will only open once you’ve cleared the marine monsters.

Quadropus Rampage is set in cartoonish, rich-in-colors 3D graphics with excellent artwork backing it.


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