Amazon Lands In China

Amazon Lands In China

Amazon, the giant who dared to rival Google when it released its own “app market” next to its already running book sell service, has made a bold move this weekend. Without noise, ninja-style, Amazon opened yesterday the Chinese version so Chinese Android users are able to download apps without the need of Google Play preinstalled app. If you want to jump to there, tap on here.

To fully understand the importance of this, we must consider that even though Google has put a lot of effort into Android Market first and Google Play later, it’s far from a flawless service. Yes, it might be the best, but it’s far from perfect, mainly due to Android’s open code virtues. A little bit of history: when Android started to run, Chinese manufacturers quickly jumped onto the bandwagon with their own unlicensed Android handsets. Yes, that was Android’s spirit, but at the same time it left many users from Middle and Far East with a top notch device with no access to apps. Black and rogue markets proliferated elsewhere, some of them quite unrespectful with copyright. This situation lingers to a greater or lesser degree nowadays.

To a certain extent, what Amazon has done benefits Android, because Easter Android users will be able, for example, to read reviews at Appszoomand then look for their chosen apps in a safe environment. Anyway, Amazon isn’t into app selling at all, but they really are into selling Kindles, and China’s the biggest unspoilt market, or that’s what we are told so often. Amazon’s brave move will allow a lot of Kindles to be sold there and attract a legion of Chinese developers who don’t upload their creations to Google Play because makes no sense for them.

What’s the deal for the average “Western” Android user? We can only expect that if Amazon gets stronger, it’ll be a tougher competitor to the Mountain View’s company and we’ll be able to see the advent of new services and features, and who knows, perhaps we see more Chinese developers sliding into international markets and this is the first step for an App market without country restrictions.


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