Android Numbers For April: Jelly Bean Claiming Second Place With 28.4% Of Active Users

Android Numbers For April: Jelly Bean Claiming Second Place With 28.4% Of Active Users

Jelly Bean's growing adoption is now evident: the number of active users rose 3.4% to 28.4% in April surpassing Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time, due to a 2% drop of the latter. Actually, the majority of the growth seems to be coming from devices which have been first released with Ice Cream Sandwich and got recently updated to Android's latest version. Thus, Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 & 4.2) is now taking the second place after Gingerbread which, despite its sustained declining, keeps holding the golden medal with a respectable 38.5% of active users. The persistence of the rest of versions is admirable but residual when considering the total of active users. Donut, Eclair, Honeycomb and Froyo, all together score a 5.6%.

Good news for developers though: despite the fragmentation is still there, over 50% of the active users are already on Android 4.0 or higher. In addition, manufacturers are aware of the importance of launching devices with the latest OS version. That seems to be the case lately. However, and again, Gingerbread is still ruling the scene. Fortunately, the upcoming boom of low-cost devices mostly powered by Chinese manufacturers and mainly oriented to avid emerging markets (which is expected in the next two years) can reduce the gap between versions and, after all, the fragmentation problem.

Nothing of that will happen without manufacturers' willpower to keep releasing devices with Android OS latest versions and, even more important, without the determination to keep updating those devices further than a year later of its first release.

Source: Android Developers


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