Android Safer Than Ever

Android Safer Than Ever

Some of you may already be aware that recent Android 4.3 update brought key improvements in security. Regrettably, this only affected such lucky owners of an Android device running 4.3, who are only a minority. The rest of us mere mortals have devices running lower versions of that operative system, not only 4.0 but even as low as 2.3-gingerbread.

However, Google told that security concerns us all and extracted those additional security filters from 4.3 and built them into Google Play Services app, therefore able to be run in 2.3 and higher. This should cover the 95% of Android users, leaving unprotected a 5% of old mobile devices most likely withdrawn to the drawer of oldie but goodie electronic junk.

The most important feature is called Google Verify Apps, and it works both for apps downloaded from a market and .apk files found elsewhere.

In case you aren't familiar with Google Play Services yet, it's an app Android uses to externalize many services. One of many advantages will be that we all be able to update Google Verify Apps through Google Play Services updates with no need of updating all the whole operative system.

Lastly, Google made Verify Apps as clear and easy as they can, as it's understood that non-tech savvy people are the most easily caught by malware of fake apps. Indeed, it's as easy as quietly remove all dubious apps from Play searches and, if there was any troublesome app installed on your device, it would let you know.

It's a very important step concerning security, and helps a lot websites as AppsZoom, as we are here detecting, filtering and purging mischievous apps from our lists, often faster than Google itself, in order to offer you users a safe and pleasant user experience.

In case you don't know if your device has Google Play Services installed, you can go through the widget below to clear it up.


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