Battle For The Smart Watch: Kreyos and Sony's flagships

Battle For The Smart Watch: Kreyos and Sony's flagships

This week has been quite a ride for those who are eager to put their paws on the new trendy gadget: the smartwatch. As companies seem to be starting a war on the domination of this new device, we choose to focus in the contrast between two models proposed by two radically different companies.

On one side, we have a technology giant: Sony's Smart Watch 2. On the other, the model presented by a small crowdfunded company Kreyos and their watch: The Meteor. These two want to overtake the pioneer, the Pebble watch, which released their product early this same year. So, might these be the first products of their kind that will reach the mass market?

Sony's Smart Watch 2

Sony has released a watch that uses Android and is expected to be paired with a smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth, that allows the Smart Watch 2 to be a second and convenient screen. Apart from mails, messages, music and calls... Sony's new creation will be able to take pictures and boasts about having already more than 200 apps. Most of those are sport oriented so it should not come as a surprise that the watch can be submerged under water.

Kreyos Meteor

As an opposition comes the Kreyos Meteor, which used Indiegogo as a funding platform and has received critical acclaim. Its design is far more robust than Sony's and its screen far less colorful, as the Meteor is oriented more to fitness than notifications. So, the apps will substitute heart-rate sensors and activity trackers.

What really caught the eye was its gesture and voice control. Yes, like the communicators in Star Trek. It is also submergible and the connectivity with your Android or IOS phone device is done through Bluetooth.

It yet has to be seen which model will have a better future in a constantly innovating market. But what is clear is that both products aim to bring our sci-fi dreams closer to reality.

Via: TechCrunch


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