Best Apps Of The Week #14

Best Apps Of The Week #14

Here are the best apps Appszoom's expert editors have found this week.

We review a ton of apps every day, and many of them are pretty cool - but only a select few are awesome enough to earn the designation of our favorites. These apps are guaranteed great, from stunning visual design to slick performance to total originality. We know you're gonna love them.

Star Wars Force Collection

"I'm pretty sure that the last that Star Wars needed is a collectible card game, but here it is, and brought by the hand of nothing less than Konami. And what can we say about it?"

Simple Rockets

"That's why games as Simple Rockets are so much of our liking, because it gathers all the good and the best of stuff we believe it's important. In this case, Simple Rockets is teaching and encourages creativity; it's challenging and fun at the same time; and utterly it's all about making junk fly."

Mental Mind

"Openly inspired by that game we all have played as children, either as a toy bought at the store or in its pen and paper version, Mentalmind is, besides a pleonasm, a fun and entertaining game suited for all ages as well, presented in a beautiful interface and accompanied with sounds."


Whether you already know how to play sudoku or not, or even if you are already a compulsive player, Flowdoku will be your new best friend. This doesn't mean it's just a new sudoku with shapes instead of numbers, it's a whole new mechanic you'll be quickly familiar with but needs a few minutes to be learned.

Bad Roads

"Bad Roads and its sequel Dark Roads are both driving games for your Android device. In this game, you will accompany Ted and help him bring cages of ducks while driving the dangerous truck, which is not an easy task."


"Now it's even easier creating, editing and accessing content on the cloud while you are away from a desktop computer. Google has made it simple with Quickoffice, the ultimate app for creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations from your Android mobile device."

Mega Run

"There can be something else than plumbers and hedgehog when talking about platformers. Actually, since we are currently running games on new mobile OS, it's time to give a chance to new titles that are making good stuff on old-classic gaming genres. Mega Run is one of them."


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