Best Apps Of The Week #40 (iOS)

Best Apps Of The Week #40 (iOS)

Here are the best apps Appszoom's expert editors have found this week.

We review a ton of apps every day, and many of them are pretty cool - but only a select few are awesome enough to earn the designation of our favorites. These apps are guaranteed great, from stunning visual design to slick performance to total originality. We know you're gonna love them.

Monster Loves You!

Simple: Monster Loves You! is little more than a (very well-made) text-based adventure dressed up to head out on the town. But my god, what a sense of style!

The bubbly-cute backdrops and animations are unflinchingly professional, matching the gleeful, bouncing storyline tit-for-tat. Raise a monster all the way from ooze to Elder, cultivating personality for it by racking up points in each of five characteristics (Bravery, Cleverness, Ferocity, Honesty, Kindness). Earn coveted Respect points by impressing your fellow beasties with your decisions.

Castle Clash

In a world shared by Elves and Robots don't expect they live peacefully for too long. Instead, here's a real time strategy game in where both sides can freely smack each other, ask for allies (Dwarves and Beasts) and in the meanwhile, raise a sort-of empire or city of dreams.

Division Cell

Do you need a dose of puzzles? Get one of the highest quality. Hyperspace Yard's Division Cell is probably the best-designed and most original mobile puzzler you've played so far. Or at least one of them.

Gameplay's straightforward: in each level you are given different rectangles. You must tap to transform them in squares. How? Thanks to the dots! What!?

365 Scores

Get live scores and the latest news pushed to your smartphone

365Scores came up as a website (and now also a mobile app) to fulfill your informative needs in the sports field. Thus, 365Scores provides a platform that allows users to get live scores, calendars and news related to their favorite sport or team.


Artifex Mundi's Deadlings is an original title that merges platforms and puzzles to become an hybrid with an addictive gameplay. In Deadlings you must use the unique skills of different types of zombies to collect brains and get the exit gate. Spikes, saws and enemies won't make it easy. Jump, dodge and avoid them and get the hell out of there.

Sword vs. Sword

Show off your skills in medieval knight's hand to hand battles.'s Sword vs Sword is a 3D turn-based fighting game in which players must anticipate opponent's onslaught. In each turn, the hero must choose 2 out of 4 defense body zones and one 1 zone to attack. The enemy will do the same. Thus, instinct and luck jumble in challenging battles.


Chromecast is the official app of the Google's TV dongle that smartify your TV.

This app allows you to pair your Chromecast with your Android / OS smartphone and tablet and control it right from your touchscreen. The app automatically detects if there's a Chromecast connected to the same WiFi network. Once pairing is done, you can navigate through Chromecast menu as if you had a remote controller.


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