Best Apps Of The Week #56 (Android)

Best Apps Of The Week #56 (Android)

Here are the best apps Appszoom's expert editors have found this week.

We review a ton of apps every day, and many of them are pretty cool - but only a select few are awesome enough to earn the designation of our favorites. These apps are guaranteed great, from stunning visual design to slick performance to total originality. We know you're gonna love them.

Nuts: 8.5/10

“Graphics couldn't be better and controls work flawlessly, so we really have nothing else to say besides that this game is amazing. ”

Super Battle Tactics: 8/10

Super Battle Tactics is a turn-based game. Each tank has an action bar with five possible attacks (you’ll be unlocking them as you progress).”

Boom Beach: 7.5/10

Boom Beach’s graphics are excellent and classic, perfectly smooth at all times.”

Evolution: Battle for Utopia: 7.6/10

“A game that can be played for weeks given the amount of items, quests and characters to be found out, but also because the uncomfortable building system that stops you so often and obliges to pay too much attention to this game instead of playing and enjoying it.”

Tiny Tennis: 7.9/10

“Gameplay’s straightforward: you have to hit back as many tennis balls in a row as you can by sliding the player right/left. Easy, right?”


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