Best Games Of The Week Android (05/09/2016 - 05/15/2016)

Best Games Of The Week Android (05/09/2016 - 05/15/2016)

Hey all, and welcome once again to our latest dose of weekly gaming goodness. We've got something for everyone!

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Versus Run

Versus Run shines as yet another example of Ketchapp's prowess in creating minimalist, yet engaging games. In Versus Run you must run away - not toward - your adversary even as you make your way through a maze and avoid obstacles. Don't forget to collect diamonds as you go.

Zombie Frontier 3

Zombie Frontier 3 puts you on the front line of some serious zombie killing action. You've been dropped into a world where a terrible virus has turned everyone into zombies. Shoot your way through 120 levels of blood curdling violence. Have you got what it takes to remain among the living?

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zer0 is a numbers-based puzzle game where you must merge numbered tiles that are next to each other. If two of the same number are adjacent, merge them into one and get rid of a tile. Merge all the way down and collect achievements as you go.


Spectrum is an abstract platformer with cool visuals and compelling gameplay. You must get your 3-eyed friend from portal to portal without running into obstacles or bad guys. With interesting jump and dive controls, there's more to this than simply jumping from platform-to-platform. Will your creature make it to the very end?

Angry Birds Action

Lat but not least, we couldn't leave out our feathered friends. You've likely played Angry Birds before and know just what you have to do: launch the birds (that all do different things) at the pigs. In this version, however, you explore the world brought forward in the Angry Birds Movie. Angry Birds Action! is just as fun and challenging as the other versions - and it looks a lot better.

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