Get Ready For Turkey Day With Thanksgiving Apps

Get Ready For Turkey Day With Thanksgiving Apps

When you're a kid, Thanksgiving is pure awesome. Marshmallowed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce galore, and five kinds of pie. Prepare thyself for incoming sugar rush.

As an adult, it can quickly become a nightmare. They never teach turkey in HomeEc. How are you supposed to juggle the green bean casserole with the crescent rolls? Aunt Betty's on her fifth cider, Uncle Joe's glued to the television set, and ohmygod you forgot to defrost the bird?!

Panic not. Appszoom's curated a list of Thanksgiving apps to get you all ready for turkey day. A bit of advance planning, and you'll be up to your neck in gravy in no time.


BigOven: 250,000 Recipes - Need menu inspiration? This user-curated index of recipes is searchable based on keyword, ingredient, or even dietary restriction (in the paid version). Check out their plethora of suggested Thanksgiving menus, complete with gorgeous photos and user reviews.

Epicurious Recipe App

Epicurious has made a name for themselves as accessibly gourmet. Why not try a few modern twists on traditional favorites this year? Search over 28,000 recipes by category, keyword, and ingredient. We especially like the sound of "Mole-Roasted Turkey with Masa Stuffing and Chile Gravy" - om nom nom.

Kitchenmate Cooking Timer

When you're juggling brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and a giant piece of poultry, a reliable kitchen timer is indispensable. Kitchenmate Cooking Timer allows you to set several alarms, one for each dish you're cooking, so you can indulge in that third glass of cider without burning the bird.

Vivino Wine Scanner

If any occasion ever called for a special bottle of wine, it's Thanksgiving. Take Vivino Wine Scanner to the store with you and scan bottles within your price range - it'll pull up ultra-useful information about each, including user ratings and tasting notes. Hint: turkey's lovely with a red on the fruitier end of the spectrum; think more Pinot Noir than Cabernet.

Turkey Smash

In case all goes to hell in the kitchen and you have to resort to Domino's, you can take out your anger in Turkey Smash, which is exactly like the classic whack-a-mole except with turkeys. Gobble gobble!

ESPN SportsCenter

For that sports fanatic uncle who can't stand to be away from the screen for even as long as it takes to stuff his face with stuffing, try the constantly updated ESPN SportsCenter. Browse scoreboards of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, Formula 1, NASCAR, and a plethora of other sports games.

And a pair of bonus apps for the Friday after...


Depending on how thoroughly you eat your way into a coma on the big day, you may require an app encouraging you to move your booty come the morning after. The popular RunKeeper uses GPS to track distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate (if you use a complementary cardio equipment) and path traveled on its map.

Black Friday 2013 Ads

There are those for whom turkey means only one thing: Christmas is around the corner. You'll need a plan if you're going to be an effective consumer. Ready yourself for the biggest shopping day of the year with the Black Friday 2013 Ads app, wherein you can browse deals by latest news, store, or even type of product. Buy! Buy! Buy!


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