Google Apps Updates Round 3: Drive For iOS Gets A Tiny Makeover

Google Apps Updates Round 3: Drive For iOS Gets A Tiny Makeover

Last week our fellow editor Emmanuel Lund explained the new goodies included in the latest Android updates of two of the most used Google tools: Chrome and Drive. As you already know, being an iOS user doesn’t deprive you from enjoying the joys of such products and you can easily find them in the App Store to install them in your i-devices, but in this case the quality of the updates are usually second best compared to, let’s put it this way, the ‘original’ ones. So, it isn’t a big surprise that Drive for iOS pales a bit next to its counterpart for Android.

The two main new features are, thus, minor changes. On one hand, you get support to create, view and reply to comments in a Docs file, and on the other hand, you can swipe through pictures separately. And that’s it. Not a trace from the card-style layout or the scan via integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR), that are the flagships in the Android revamp.

Mountain View hasn’t confirmed any further development on the matter so far but - iOS users, are you satisfied with the new Drive?


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