Google Play Forsees To Overcome Apple In Downloads This Fall

Google Play Forsees To Overcome Apple In Downloads This Fall

The fierce competition between Google Play Store and App Store might have a new leader later this year. Although Apple has reached 50 billion downloads, Android seems to be keeping a good pace which would eventually lead them to overtake its biggest rival. As the stats show, while App Store has 2 billion downloads every month, the Play Store surpasses that with 2,5 billion. So, according to these numbers, Google’s platform would soon become an undisputed leader.

Several numbers have to be taken into account as Android seems to have all odds in its favour. In comparison, while IOS has 600 million products in the market, Google’s operating system has 900 million (mostly Samsung products). That would mean that Android controls 70% of the market.

Developers are also a very important factor in app innovation and it is quite remarkable they prefer to upload and design their creations on Google Play. The gap betwen Apple’s release dates and the Android’s keeps on narrowing evening up the two giants.

According to statistics it seems viable for Android to overtake Apple in the number of downloads. With experts not being quite sure if that is ought to happen wether in September or October, the race appears to be far from over.

Source: AndroidGuys


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