How To Form - And Keep - Great Habits With Your iPhone

How To Form - And Keep - Great Habits With Your iPhone

If you're anything like the average joe, you probably have a hard time trying to remember everything you're supposed to do. And we're not talking just daily chores, jobs, and homework, but also living in a way that's good for your physical and emotional self.

Have you ever wanted to live a life chock-full of healthy habits? Do you wish you read more frequently? Did more exercise? Ate healthier?

Streaks is a great app to help you keep going with healthy behaviors to turn them into healthy habits. It's cool, well-designed, and just perfect for casually reminding you of your resolutions right when you need a poke.

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Here's how to form great habits with your iPhone:

1. Install and open Streaks for iPhone.

2. Choose up to 6 tasks or select a preset.

3. Customize every task by changing the number and frequency (you won't want to read for 10 hours a day or run 10km every hour... probably).

4. Customize notifications to set up useful daily reminders.

5. Mark the calendar by tapping on today's date to confirm when you've completed a task. You can also use your Apple Watch to make things even easier.

6. View your statistics and compete for the best streak (against yourself, that is).

7. Accomplish all your resolutions and live the awesome life you've always dreamt of.

Do you usually follow your resolutions or do you have a hard time sticking to your promises? Do you use any app to help you accomplish your objectives? Let us know in the Comments below.