Instagram Video vs Vine

Instagram Video vs Vine

As it was announced a couple of days ago, Instagram has now video functionality and is ready to battle against Vine, a fight that will be won by sharing many short videos with the rest of the world. Each of the candidates have its own strengths and weaknesses and users can already bet on their favorites. Will they choose Instagram's pets, feet and food? Or will they go with Vine's creative community?

While Vine can record videos up to 6 seconds, Instagram now allows you to share 15-second videos, delete last clips and, most importantly, add filters to your videos, too. But don't expect any of the two apps to let you import videos from outside sources; you need to record them within the apps. What you can actually do is to record with front-facing camera.

When wanting to show your videos to your family and friends, Vine only lets you share via Facebook and Twitter, while Instagram also lets you share to Tumblr, Flickr, Email and Foursquare. As for looping, it's Vine which allows videos to play over and over again, just like a gif.

So... which will it be? Which of the two apps will conquer the video world?


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