Mobile Game of Thrones, House Lannister Edition (Android)

Mobile Game of Thrones, House Lannister Edition (Android)

SPOILER FREE ZONE! We promise not to ruin anything!

After a long day of beheadings, war, booze, and family drama, the members of House Lannister need to unwind. The Iron Throne is no comfortable spot and the stress of literally everyone hating you can be overwhelming. It's hard to be on top. So, we got to thinking... what if the Lannisters had smartphones? What would they play?

We raided Casterly Rock to get you the answer.


Cersei, the wine-drinking, ever-plotting queen is tired of being trodden on just because she's a woman. She wants power and is sick of men telling her what to do. She's sure to be a fan of Princess Punt, just to be able to kick men around a bit.


The Kingslayer, Jaime's one talent is his ability with the sword. It's all he's got (besides his sister, but let's not get into that...). He'd download Sword vs Sword, without a doubt, to be the best killer both in Westeros and online.


The Imp, the half-man: Tyrion. If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, Tyrion would smite us all to the ground. Ambitious and always working uphill, he'd play Spellwood to keep his tongue sharp and his brain sharper.


Joffrey would definitely listen to death metal if he lived in our age. As full of angst and bloodlust as he is, Carmaggedon would be his game of choice. True to his sadistic nature, this game lets you wreak mayhem through the streets, running over anything in your path.


Myrcella, Joffrey's younger sister, is a pawn in the games, promised to marry whomever would her family tells her to. She'd play Enchant U, where she has the power to get any guy she wants.

TOMMEN BARATHEON: Medieval Math Battle

Tommen is the last of the Lannister offspring. Loyal, pure of heart, he wouldn't commit violence for the sake of violence like his big brother Jeoffrey. No, he'd need a reason. That's why he'd play Medieval Math Battle, a game to practice math skills all while sword fighting. Reason enough.

BRONN: Running Shadow

Bronn is so awesome, so kickass, and has so many fantastic lines of dialogue that he well deserves something in accordance. We’ve chosen the action-packed Running Shadow because, well, Bronn rocks.

PODRICK PAYNE: Wind-up Knight 2

Tyrion’s squire Podrick is faithful and honest, two virtues seldom seen in King’s Landing. The brand new Wind-up Knight 2 would be his favorite game while he daydreams of knighthood and damsels.

SANDOR CLEGANE, the Hound: Punch Quest

Sandor Clegane has the strength of four men, wields a massive claymore as if it were a tiny dagger, and has serious family issues. He'd obviously be into Punch Quest.


Lancel was King Robert’s squire, not by his deeds but by House Lannister’s influence. In the end, any pawn can catch a queen if unattended, and we all are looking forward to know which role will he take in the times to come. Perhaps he can practice in Castle Wars.



Tywin is the patriarch of House Lannister. He makes it rain gold, inspiring the most skull-drilling and popularly covered song of Westeros. He’s clever, he’s brilliant, and he’s the richest man on Earth. He'd be all about Autumn Dynasty.

Did you enjoy it? Whose house is next? Join the Comments and pay your debts by saying your piece!


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