Mobile Game of Thrones: House Lannister Edition - Free for Android

Mobile Game of Thrones: House Lannister Edition - Free for Android

We choose a house from Game of Thrones, we break it down, and we pick out a mobile game for every single relevant family member. After House Starks, it’s time for House Lannister. Let’s hear them roar.

By the way, this is a relatively spoiler-free zone - so proceed without fear of ruining whatever episode you have coming up next.

We hope you enjoy this brief raid on Casterly Rock and discover new games on your way. All games presented can be played or at least tested for free for Android, with the sole exception of one last, bonus game.


Since everything with the Lannisters is superlative, Cersei is the most gorgeous woman within the realm. She’s also wise and twisted, two valuable skills for a queen. She’d kick heroes onto metaphorical dinosaurs in Princess Punt.


The best right handed swordsman, Jaime, had some learning problems as a child. Although he finally figured out how to read in the end, the Mad King’s desires and his own predilections made him a rich yet disinherited member of the Golden Cloaks. He'd play Sword vs Sword, no doubt.


The Imp, the half-man: Tyrion. Hated and blamed for deaths he neither desired nor could prevent. He’s willful, doing his best to keep his sword sharpened, yet sheathed, at all times. We meant tongue, you dirty dog. Yes, we did. He'd try Spellwood on for size.


Joffrey is the lawful heir to Robert Baratheon, the brave commander at Blackwater battle, the Don Juan who seduced and made Margaery fall into his arms, he who helps the poor and helpless. His sadistic nature would enjoy something meaningful, like… Carmaggedon.


One of those obscure characters who are used as trade coin, Myrcella is Joffrey’s younger sister, living in perpetual fear of her brother’s macabre games. She was eventually sent somewhere to marry someone, no matter how much she gathers together the very best of Lannister-ism. She'll be Enchant U.

TOMMEN BARATHEON: Medieval Math Battle

Tommen is the last of the Lannister offspring. Martin wrote that Tommen likes cats as pets, but in the HBO show we can’t assume that. No matter how fond he is of his dwarf uncle, he’ll do whatever his grandpa says. In this case, it means playing Medieval Math Battle.

BRONN: Running Shadow

Bronn’s so awesome, so kickass, and has so many fantastic lines of dialogue that he well deserves something in accordance. We’ve chosen the flabbergasting Running Shadow because Bronn rocks.

SHAE from the Free City of Lorath: Auralux

Shae is the great unfolded mystery. We all love her not only for her love for Tyrion, but also for her untainted friendship, becoming the girlfriend many would like to have. She has a kind heart and a hidden knife in her boot. She’d prefer something as simple and elegant as Auralux.

PODRICK PAYNE: Wind-up Knight 2

Tyrion’s squire Podrick is faithful and honest, two virtues seldom seen in King’s Landing. The brand new Wind-up Knight 2 would be his favorite game while he daydreams of knighthood and damsels.

SANDOR CLEGANE the Hound: Punch Quest

Sandor Clegane is one of the most intriguing characters. Horribly deformed by a childhood “accident” by the hearth, the Hound gathers the strength of four men and wields a massive claymore as if it were a dagger. He'd obviously be Punch Quest.


Lancel was King Robert’s squire, not by his deeds but by House Lannister’s influence. In the end, any pawn can catch a queen if unattended, and we all are looking forward to know which role will he take in the times to come. Perhaps he can practice in Castle Wars.



Tywin is the patriarch of House Lannister. He who made rain in golden Castamere halls and inspired the most skull-drilling and popularly covered song of Westeros. He’s clever, he’s brilliant, and he’s the richest man on Earth. He'd be all about Autumn Dynasty.

Did you enjoy it? Whose house is next? Join the discussion and pay your debts by saying your piece!


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