One NFC Ring To Rule Them All

One NFC Ring To Rule Them All

But, inventor John McLear is trying to change that with quite a futuristic gadget which could change our view on NFC or Near Field Communication. His invention? A small ring with this same data-transmitting technology.

It might seem like something out of the Green Lantern comics or The Lord of the Rings, but this little piece of jewelry could simplify very much common tasks in life. Such as: unlocking your phone without a PIN, open an NFC equipped lock on your front door without a key or even sending your website, Facebook, Twitter account or contact information amongst endless options.

What concerned users the most was how the matter of privacy was applied to this ring. Well... his inventor has a good solution to that by putting to different NFC inlays in his gadget. The largest one covers the frontal part of the ring and it is designed to hold the "public" information that will be transmitted by a little fist bump. While the smaller and "private " area is saved inside the palm and requires a whole different opened hand gesture, like unlocking your phone just by holding it in your hand.

McLear's creation has been already so widely embraced onKickstarter, that it took just a few days to get $145,796.48 when the actual goal was $45,834. The price of each ring will orbit around $25 which is exactly a small donation. The plans are also available for 3D printing. Along with the smartwatch we could say that jewelry could become technologically practical in a very near future.

Source: Techcrunch


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