Play Classic PC Games On Your Android Thanks To Exagear Strategies

Play Classic PC Games On Your Android Thanks To Exagear Strategies

Today, we want to introduce a disruptive Android app: Exagear Strategies.

The Appszoom team had the chance to test and review it two months ago. However, despite being based on a powerful and innovative concept, its approach was too narrow at that time. Fortunately, the guys at Eltechs have worked hard to make the most of an app that's aimed to bring all those dusty CDs and DVDs of classic games lost in your drawer back to life.

Yes, Exagear is a PC game emulator for Android - but not like you might expect it. The premise is simple: it can run PC games on your Android smartphone or tablet. Read that again: not ports of PC games, but rather the PC game itself, copied right from your C:\Program Files folder.

How is that even possible?

You only need to download and install Exagear Strategies on your Android device. Then, install a licensed game on your PC (you can use your old CDs, or get them at low cost from Once finished, just copy the game's installation folder into Exagear's folder in your Android's SDcard. Launch Exagear Strategies from the app drawer and... voilà! Let the app work its magic.

You can now play all your favorite classic games using mobile-native gestures and taps.

Of course, there's a BUT.

ExaGear Strategies only works with a few classic titles so far. When we reviewed the app two months ago, there were only three titles supported: Heroes Of Might and Magic I, II and III. Now, more titles have been added to the catalogue: Civilization 3 and Disciples 2. Developers are working on making it compatible with more games.

In the meanwhile, you can give those titles a go. We've tried them on a Nexus 7 (2012) and they run wonderfully.

What about you? Are you ready to play non-neutered classic strategy games right from your Android?


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