Practical Meter Tells You How Fast Your Battery Charges When Plugged In Different USB Ports

Practical Meter Tells You How Fast Your Battery Charges When Plugged In Different USB Ports

Yes, it’s a shame. And, most importantly, did you know that it can take longer depending on the device you plug it in? I didn’t know it until I watched the Practical Meter teaser video (after the break). The folks at The Power Pot (which is another excellent invention you should take a glance at) have tested it out and the results are concluding: smartphones and tablets charge at different speed if you plug them in USB port of PC, Mac, cars or solar charging panels. Considering that fact, the obvious question is “How do I know which device’s USB port is faster for charging my smartphone/tablet?” Well, Practical Meter is the answer to that question.

Practical Meter is an useful gizmo, a half-way point between a USB port and your USB-based power cable that shows you a number of LED lights depending on how fast your device is powering up. It doesn’t speed up your charging speed per se but, at least, help you find the more efficient USB port to charge your smartphone/tablet.

Worried about plug support? Keep calm: Practical Meter integrates a three-head system cord that supports microUSB, mini-USB, iPhone 4S and older iOS devices. In addition, each plug head’s got its own built-in circuit to optimize charges rates. Practical Meter is a tiny and inexpensive gizmo ($19 including 3 in 1 fast charging cables) especially recommended for those who spend the whole day out and need to charge their mobile device anywhere, as fast as possible.

Fortunately, Practical Meter will come to light soon (you can preorder it already) after reaching their funding goal on Kickstarter.



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