Preview: 'Angry Birds Friends' Coming To Android And iOS Next Thursday

Preview: 'Angry Birds Friends' Coming To Android And iOS Next Thursday

A few hours ago, Rovio announced the popular web-based social version of Angry Birds is hitting both Android and iOS on May 2nd (next Thursday).

Angry Birds Friends has been playable for a while now from Facebook App Center which allowed Rovio to emphasize the social component of the game, otherwise missing on the mobile versions of the franchise. Given the success of the title, Rovio will presumably keep focusing on the social side, which enhances playability and user engagement.

Besides, what makes this version such addictive is the inclusion of multiple power-ups that can be used to help our dear birds finishing off all green pigs and bring back their eggs. Most of the birds of previous versions are also available in Angry Birds Friends. What's more, it enables players to participate in a different game mode with the Mighty Eagle and collect total destruction feathers from all the levels as well as join Facebook friends and hold tournaments to compete together.

Graphics, three-star scoring system and gameplay remain the same. However, new environmental elements has been added, like mushrooms, new structures, TNT boxes, glass shields and many other handicaps that make the game more difficult and challenging in a balanced way.

If you belong to the millions of users that have already played Angry Birds Friends you shouldn't miss the chance to play it on your mobile device.

If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Maybe having it on iOS/Android version? Well, then be ready to download it next Thursday and have a blast. No info about pricing yet.

Source: @Rovio


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