Preview: 'Combo Crew,' An Old-School Inspired Beat-Em-Up Coming Soon To Android And iOS

Preview: 'Combo Crew,' An Old-School Inspired Beat-Em-Up Coming Soon To Android And iOS

The Game Bakers (interviewed by Appszoom during MWC13), the developer of the successful games Squids and Squids Wild West is about to launch a new game soon: Combo Crew.

Coming in May to iOS and Android, Combo Crew is a beat'em up inspired by the classics (Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter) that aims to bring the arcade action of the 80s and 90s to our mobile devices.

As it couldn't be otherwise, the essence of the classics remains untouchable, however, it's been adapted to the current times regarding both graphics and mobile native controls.

Actually, The Game Bakers state that what makes mobile beat'em ups less fun than the old days at the arcade are those awful virtual D-pads. It seems, Combo Crew implements highly responsive controls fully designed to feel native on mobile devices: swipe to punch and kick, tap to counter attack and two-finger swipe for special combo moves. Buttons? Not anymore.

Regarding graphics, you just need to watch the trailer to feel the difference: cartoonish 3D graphics featuring smooth fighting effects, well-crafted environments and characters with its own personality. I know there are nostalgic players of the 8/16-bit out there (actually, the one who writes this is one of them), however, no one can deny that this is an improvement.

Finally, the jewel in the crown: asynchronous co-op on any device. Although Combo Crew seems to come also with a Solo mode, what's going to make the difference here is the ability to compete for high scores against friends, rescue each other from K.O. and complete goals cooperatively, no matter what platform players are using.

It looks amazing, doesn't it? Our reviewers here are looking forward to give it a go. How do you like it?

Source: The Game Bakers


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