PREVIEW: 'Godus' By 22cans Is A Delightful Reinvention Of Populous, The original God Game. Coming Out September 2013

PREVIEW: 'Godus' By 22cans Is A Delightful Reinvention Of Populous, The original God Game. Coming Out September 2013

Populous designed by Peter Molyneux for Bullfrog in 1989 (and published by Electronic Arts), was definitely one of the best game sagas in the 90s and is regarded by many as the first PC god game. In Populous, the player adopts the role of a deity and assumes the responsibility to grow a civilization and make it prevail over enemy forces, led by an opposing deity. Populous is a reference in the real-time strategy (RTS) genre and an indisputable success, not only for the awards, the sequels and all the platforms it has been released but, above all, because recalling it still brings a smile to all those kids (now adults, damn it!) who played it in the nineties.

Godus is a project backed by Peter Molyneux - one of the creators of the original Populous - and 22Cans, the dev team behind Curiosity - What's inside the cube?, the well-known multiplayer social experiment which goal was to reach the core of a huge cube made up by millions of cubelets. Project Godus was published on Kickstarter in November 2012 and it reached the pledge goal of £450.000 in less than one month. Since there, the folks at 22cans have been working hard to get the game ready to publish in multiple platforms. Thus, in September 2013 Godus will be allegedly released for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, and probably Linux, Ouya and other versions will come later.

As shown in the teasers published on Kickstarter (Project Godus is one of the best gaming campaigns seen in Kickstarter regarding backers' packs and awards, developing follow-up and teasers) Godus will reproduce the idea of the original Populous: players will be gods with divine powers to provoke earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and other atmospheric phenomenon, whatever needed to lead your devoted followers to civilization supremacy over other deities and their lackeys in exciting multiplayer battles. Godus is set in minimalist 3D graphics with sober animations and effects, introducing a layered and fully tweakable world in isometric view. Its sobriety will surely guarantee smoothness, specially on mobile devices and, in addition, gives it an indie touch that perfectly fits the game's theme.

In brief, Godus is aimed to be a holistic reinvention of the god game genre: regarding graphics, platforms and gameplay. However, the devs have managed not to leave behind any of the elements that made this genre so special. In fact, in the words of Peter Molyneux, "they just want to deliver the glory of the old days in the new format of today's world".

Here in Appszoom we're all agog to put our paws on it. What about you?


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