Preview: 'Heroes War' A Strategy RPG Which Is Due To Release In Early August

Preview: 'Heroes War' A Strategy RPG Which Is Due To Release In Early August

Com2uS is a well-known mobile game developer and publisher based in Korea, responsible of dozens of top-notch games for iOS and Android. You’ve probably played some of its games: SliceIt!, Inotia saga and Three Kingdoms Defense are just some of the most successful.

In a few days, Com2uS will delight us with a new title that combines strategy and RPG genre. Heroes War is due to release in early August in both iOS and Android appstores globally. After hitting the top Korean ranks in both the App Store and Google Play for a few weeks, Heroes War is now ready to scatter its addictive gameplay across the world.

Thus, Heroes War (even though in trailer is shown League of Heroes, the final title will be Heroes War) is a turn-based RPG with an excellent artwork and various contents to enjoy: story, dungeon and battle mode with or against friends. As you can see on the pictures, players must choose 3 heroes to guide among more than 10 (more coming with upcoming updates), each of them with unique abilities.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, Heroes War integrates an upgrading system for heroes’ skills, weaponry and equipment. Since the game is endowed with a storyline, upgrading will become mandatory since difficulty increases gradually as the plot unravels.

Best of strategy and RPG genres has been brought together here and enriched with a storyline and a challenging upgrading system. You can expect action-packed turn-based battles, classic fantasy creatures and lots of hooking dialogues with NPCs. How does it look to you so far?

You can download Heroes War already:


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