Preview: 'The Silent Age - Episode 1' A Time Travel Point-And-Click Adventure Hitting Android June 24th

Preview: 'The Silent Age - Episode 1' A Time Travel Point-And-Click Adventure Hitting Android June 24th

At the end of February 2013, the Danish indie developer and publisher House On Fire (developers of the awarded Neon Zone) launched its second title on the appstore, a point-and-click adventure titled The Silent Age. After reaching great success on its iOS version, the folks at House on Fire are now releasing its Android version next Monday June 24, 2013. It will be finally called "The Silent Age: Episode 1", as the first title of a saga which sequel (Episode 2) is already on its way, planned to be submitted to a crowdfunding campaign.

The Silent Age puts players on Joe's shoes, a humble janitor of a faceless governement building. An average man, with a regular life, focused on his work. It's 1972, the world keeps turning and everything seems to run as expected. Joe's life is about to change though. One day, suddenly, Joe finds a dying man coming from nowhere who warns him about an apocalyptic event which is going to finish off mankind. Before passing away, the enigmatic man gives Joe a portable time travel device and pleads him to save the world. Joe discovers pretty soon that the man was right and the world is devastated in 2012, 40 years later. The full weight of responsability falls on Joe, an everyman, a John Doe which is now supposed to save the world wearing a janitor jumpsuit.

Time travel will become the only way for Joe to get some clues about what to do next. However, anything Joe does in the past will automatically change the future: you will be trapped in this space-time logic. In fact, that's what makes this adventure such original, challenging and interesting, especially for fans of Sci-Fi genre.

The Silent Age - Episode 1 for Android is expected to be released free of charge, just as its iOS version. Want to know more? Watch the trailer just after the break.

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