Preview: 'Undead Soccer' Scoring On Android, May 7th

Preview: 'Undead Soccer' Scoring On Android, May 7th

Zombies are trend. There are lots of apps and games featuring zombies in both platforms. In fact, we've reviewed here at AppsZoom dozens of "zombie" apps, laying out bizarre combinations. However, this is the first time we come across a zombies-like soccer game which is actually a first-person shooter. Such idea came out of Bulkypix team's mind, a prolific developer with some successful titles under its belt: Babel Rising Saga, Goblin Rush, Evofish, Yesterday and many others.

In Undead Soccer you are a professional soccer player who has been banned from the match. While waiting for your mates in the athlete room, the doomsday came and the players, referees and audience, all of them became zombies. Now you have only two things left with you; a soccer ball and a trashcan lid. Use them as your weapon and your shield. Only your soccer skills will save you from becoming one of them.

A bizarre storyline, as it couldn't otherwise when talking about a game that mixes FPS genre, zombies and soccer. However, both graphics and gameplay seems to reach high standards. It has been developed as a defense game, which means that players will have to face waves of zombies to beat the level, shooting balls at them and scoring not for winning the match but for surviving. Bulkypix has announced that Undead Soccer features many types of zombies and bosses, different themed levels and a level-up system to upgrade weaponry and skills.

In a few days available to download from Google Play AppsZoom. Are you giving it a try?


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