Preview: Be The Greatest Pet Monster Trainer With 'Paramon', A Pokémon-Like Multiplayer Combat Card Game Hitting iOS August 14

Preview: Be The Greatest Pet Monster Trainer With 'Paramon', A Pokémon-Like Multiplayer Combat Card Game Hitting iOS August 14

Most of Pokémon-inspired games on the market are classic RPG, just like Pokémon was: that's it, a main character (the trainer), wandering around a vast isometric world, talking and interacting with NPCs, fulfilling quests, collecting pet monsters and magic items. However, the keystone of those games is precisely catching all the monsters, making them fight in battles and make them level up and evolve to beat tougher enemies. The folks at 4inch have taken all those main elements to come up with a new game format within this popular genre.

Paramon is a card collectible game (CCG) which features multiplayer pet monster combats. The player embodies a newbie trainer on a journey to become the greatest monsters trainer in Paramon land. Obviously, our hero must complete quests to build three monsters pet card deck for battle. Monster upgrade their skills with the experience gained in automated battles in which their abilities are activated by chance. The latter can sound weird for those who are used to play classic turn-based battles. However, as we said, Paramon is an original title within this genre, and it focuses more on strategy, that's it, on finding out the best possible combination of skills sets and equipment before the battle starts. Your wit will be your most valuable weapon.

Paramon world has 222 collectable pet monsters to complete your decks, more will gradually be added. You can make them rank up faster in the Combination Room, through a fusion mechanism based on experience points transfers between monsters pets. Likewise, it features 6 different stages and numerous quests in Paramon world. As it weren't enough, there'll be Daily events and contests to earn rewards such as gold, AP potions, special cards, etc. One of the most challenging daily events is "Dragon Slayer", the "Daily Boss fight". Every day dragons will invade the village and it's up to you and other trainers to defend it. Top dragon slayers will be rewarded with Grade S pet and lots of gold.

Paramon is set in outstanding anime-style graphics with excellent effects and animations, especially during battles. The amount of monsters to collect, quests to fulfill and daily events to complete along with other online players, guarantees hours of fun. If you own an Android device, you can already download Paramon from here. If you own an iOS device, don't worry. Paramon is hitting the App Store next week, August 14. Don't miss the date!

Source: 4inch


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