Preview: Heroes Of Loot By OrangePixel

Preview: Heroes Of Loot By OrangePixel

OrangePixel has become one of the most prolific mobile indie developers with some interesting titles on the market like Meganoid 2, INC: The Beginning, and Mini Army. The success of OrangePixel games lies on the combination of two elements: pixelated retro graphics along with simple yet addictive gameplay. These two ingredients have brought up a tenth of games, mostly platformers and strategy titles.

OrangePixel is now trying his luck in RPG genre with Heroes of Loot, an atypical dungeon-crawling adventure that focus on roguelike parts while dropping storyline and skill points details, in order to keep the action and frantic rhythm of its previous titles. Thus, some unavoidable elements of RPG are still there: job classes, top-down dungeon view, magic items, swords... and mostly the scenery.

However, you won't find dialogues or a dedicated level-up system. Heroes of Loot is a pure action-RPG that keeps the personal mark of OrangePixel's games: pixels and simplicity.

As a part of the OneGameAMonth challenge that OrangePixel's following, Heroes of Loot is already out as an "early version" for desktop (PC, MAC and Linux) while its developer keep working on "adding quests, more creatures, a more balanced gameplay for each class, weapon upgrades, secret areas and even a 2 player co-op mode". This beta version is available as pay-what-you-want (starting from $1) at OrangePixel's website.

Its Android, iOS, Ouya, Playbook/BB10 versions are expected to be released on May 2013 and, they will probably cost $2.99.

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Source: OrangePixel


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