Preview: Minuum, A Sci-fi Keyboard That Needs Your Support To Pop Up

Preview: Minuum, A Sci-fi Keyboard That Needs Your Support To Pop Up

If there's a controversial issue in the app industry is how users should input text on mobile devices: swiping or typing? QWERTY, ETAOI, or Snapkeys proposal?

Prediction engines work precisely on that direction: since current text input systems aren't perfect, prediction help users get the proper word faster and more accurately. Both mobile keyboards developers and users have been unable to innovate on this issue. Our fault is being too typewriter-minded. Will Walmsley, CEO and & Lead Designer at Whirlscape, states that "we can do better than this" in this video launched to present the Minuum project on IndieGoGo.

How? Check it out:

Yes, it left us open-mouthed too. No one can deny there's innovation here. A keyboard that breaks the rules and any mind constraints to introduce an innovative way to input text in multiple devices making the most of available space and a strong prediction engine.

In addition, since Minuum keyboard is designed to work on just one dimension, typing no longer needs any surface at all: it unleashes the power of gestures. Actually, touchscreen loses importance as main typing surface even when finger-typing. It's awesome already but, what has been shown here seems to be just a tease of the full potential of such input system.

Minuum Keyboard IndieGoGo's campaign is ending on June 2013, so don't expect a final Android/iOS version earlier. Probably its beta version will be sent during the summer to campaign contributors and beta testers. If you believe in the project and you want to be on that list, help the guys, they've done a great job with this.

Do you picture yourself typing this way?

Source: Minuum


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