Preview: Multiplayer 10-Seconds Car Races With 3D Graphics! Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed!

Preview: Multiplayer 10-Seconds Car Races With 3D Graphics! Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed!

Have you ever played Drag Racing? Of course you did. Drag Racing is one of the earliest successful games on Android. Actually, its story is one of those every Android developer dreams of living in their career. Drag Racing was created by Creative Mobile, a company founded in 2010 in Tallin, Estonia by a small group of former colleagues. Three years later, games developed and published by Creative Mobile were downloaded to over 170 million devices, peaking at 2 million daily users. Good numbers, don’t you think? Most of those millions comes from Drag Racing franchise, a game featuring 10-seconds races that almost every Android owner has played at least once.

Creative Mobile is now striking back on the racing genre with the upcoming release of Nitro Nation, a title which, according to its developers, sets a new standard for drag racing games. It leaves behind side-scrolling view to dive players into cutting-edge 3D graphics. Thanks to the graphical improvements, car upgrading and customization is driven to the next level of detail as well as backgrounds and environments. Vladimir Funtikov, Creative Mobile CEO, has stated that Creative Mobile’s purpose is to “give our fans the most outstanding, console-quality game on the market”. No one can deny that, at least, on the graphics side, it meets the standards of other successful titles such as Gameloft’s Asphalt franchise.

Drag Racing’s keystone was though its high-playability, mostly due its upgrading system and, especially, due to its massively asynchronous multiplayer mode. Nitro Nation features MMO game mode which comes along with a well-crafted upgrading system and an addictive gameplay, as inheritance of Drag Racing’s know-how. In addition, developers have taken care of details on physics, to make it feel like real racing simulators, for hard-gamers delightment. Obviously, Nitro Nation feels like an innovative “sequel” of Drag Racing. That’s not a bad thing, at all. How could it be when referring to a 150-million player game? I’ts good to see that CM isn’t getting stuck on their success but stepping forward by means of innovation.

Source: Creative Mobile


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