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Preview: 'Terra Monsters' A Pokemon-Inspired RPG With Turn-Based Battles Coming To Android/iOS Next Week

Preview: 'Terra Monsters' A Pokemon-Inspired RPG With Turn-Based Battles Coming To Android/iOS Next Week

Come on folks, you grew up with Pokemon theme Gotta catch'em all! You can't resist the temptation of starting a new adventure with fantastic creatures to catch, collect, raise and train and, of course, lead to battle. Don't worry, let yourself go. That's a healthy vice whereas developers keep launching titles within this genre. Social Titans is determined to quench our thirst coming up this time with Terra Monsters, a new pokemon-inspired RPG featuring a massive open world full of fantastic creatures you can tame and dozens of quests to fulfill.

Terra Monsters lays out a vast world called Terrarium, undergone by evil forces. You embody a young Terra Rancher who has a natural talent for taming creatures. You must enroll yourself on a journey though the 10 regions of Terrarium and catch, train and battle over 180 creatures. Seems too much? It depends, with over 100 quests to take on you can get a long way. Hours of fun are guaranteed carrying on all the classic RPG stuff: dialogues with NPCs, region exploration, battles, missions and weaponry/skills upgrading system.

If you have classic Pokemon RPG in mind, you can expect less pixels and more anime-style graphics in Terra Monsters. Of course, scenery is similar, but artwork have been revamped, especially on turn-based battles, with stunning effects and animations. It keeps that childish touch that, otherwise, contrast with a long adventure and a well-crafted storyline.

According to the developers, Terra Monsters will be released simultaneously to Android and iOS in July 2013. Since July is ending next Wednesday, we should have some news early next week. Keep tuned.

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