Runtastic 5.0: New Features And Revamped Design For Runners' Delight

Runtastic 5.0: New Features And Revamped Design For Runners' Delight

Good news for runners, bikers and sporty people: best-known GPS fitness tracking app, Runtastic (see our editors' review), has received a major update. Runtastic 5.0 has been graphically revamped, new features have been added and some of the PRO benefits are now available in the free version.

Not small potatoes.

By now, only a few may consider quantified-self as a fad. The whole mobile industry is taking it seriously: manufacturers are including smartwatches, fitness wristbands and other trackers on their line-ups. Developers are finding new ways to track and monitor different components of people's lives. The market is evolving and turning into a more demanding one.

The folks at Runtastic keep working to improve the app to fulfill those demands. Proof of which is the new hydration feature which takes users' activity and stats, weather and other data to suggest hydrating amounts. That's a big leap. According to Florian Gschwandtner, CEO of Runtastic "the hydration feature is one great example of how we can coach users and help them make a healthy, informed decision, at precisely the right moment, using their unique, personal data".

Besides adding new features, Runtastic 5.0 "frees" others that were initially perceived as premium. Part of this change is due to the active community supporting the app. Runtastic team states it has been actively listening to users' feedback and suggestions. The outcome: PRO features like music player (now built-in within the app) and LIVE Tracking & Cheering are now available in the free version.

That's how one does it.

The new design is the icing on the cake. Beauty and intuitiveness.

Source: Runtastic