Samsung Tablets Are Also The Most Popular Among Android Users

Samsung Tablets Are Also The Most Popular Among Android Users

Samsung also holds the leadership in the tablet market for Android users, according to the latest report by app publisher Animoca carried on from 18th Feb to 20th March basing on a sample size of 978,000 users.

This way, up till six Samsung tablets have made the Top 10, being the Galaxy 2.7 model the head of the list with a 11.8% market share of the assumed 75 million Android tablets circulating worldwide, followed by Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (#2 with a 8.3%), Samsung Galaxy Tab (#5 with a 4.8%), Galaxy Note 10.1 (#7 with a 3%), Galaxy Tab 7.7 (#9 with a 0.9%) and Galaxy Tab 8.9 (#10 with a 0.7%).

But there are also another competitors. Animoca adds: "Next up, the Amazon Kindle [#3] and Kindle HD [#4] account for more than 12% of the tablets on our network – quite remarkable for devices that are still not globally available. The popular and zippy Google Nexus 7 came in sixth place, suggesting that Google will be a significant player in the hardware wars."

Precisely, Google's success with its tablet is very telling of how the market is going: "You’ll note that four of the top 5five tablets, and 6 out of the top 10, are of the smaller variety, featuring 7-inch screens. This should come as no surprise, given that one in every two tablets shipped last quarter had a screen size of less than 8 inches".


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