Steetline's App, Parker, Means No More Hunting For Parking: Everybody Wins

Steetline's App, Parker, Means No More Hunting For Parking: Everybody Wins

Streetline's nifty little app called Parker (Android, iOS) could end the hunt for spaces forever. Smart parking saves money for consumers, increases retail revenue for cities, and cuts down on needless carbon emissions.

Streetline sensors have been placed in parking spaces in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York City, as well as in Birmingham and Manchester in the UK. These sensors communicate with the Parker app, which drivers can use to see a bird's eye view of which nearby spaces are currently available.

The Parker app is also beginning to allow drivers to feed their meter using ParkMobile and PayByPhone - no more carrying around dirty coinage.

"We have the opportunity to change how people work and live," says Streetline President and CEO Zia Yusuf. "We looked at [the parking industry] from various angles and concluded that we can bring new solutions, new ideas and new technologies to dramatically improve a serious challenge faced by our cities, our citizens, and our businesses. This is what technology is supposed to do — change our world for the better."

Up to a third of moving cars at any one time are no longer in transit - they've long ago reached their destination, but are just looking for a spot to park. With smart parking implemented around the world, it's estimated that approximately 1,000,000 barrels of oil could be saved each and every day.

Apps like these are a big win for everyone, both economically and ecologically.


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