Swype Finally Hits Google Play

Swype Finally Hits Google Play

It's been a while since Swype keyboard was first released. Unfortunately, access to it was restricted to its official website since its developer decided not to publish it on Google Play from the very first moment. It's a decision which is quite common when the app introduces a technology that can be sold to manufacturers to introduce it as a built-in app in mobile devices.

This seems to be the case with Swype, since they are finally releasing it on Google Play, after being acquired by Nuance, the company behind the development of the voice-assistance Dragon.

Swype is a keyboard replacement that features an innovative way to input text: swiping. Use your fingertips to draw a path from letter to letter until making the word up. This system is, obviously, backed by a powerful and accurate prediction engine that helps the user getting the right word faster. It requires some time to get used to it, however, once the user advances through the learning curve, it becomes one of the best text input systems. Actually, it learns from your typing (well, swyping) style.

Besides swyping, users can also input text by speaking, i.e thanks to its quite accurate speech-to-text technology. Write is another input system that Swype keyboards come with: use your finger to draw letters and words and Swype will turn into text. Finally, like other keyboard replacement (and the built-in Android keyboard), you can text by tapping letters, the classic way but, making the most of Swype's prediction engine.

Swype hits Google Play at $0.99, an affordable price for a high-end keyboard replacement. Anyway, if you aren't sure about whether that new system is going to fit you, there's also a trial version that will time out in 30 days. Enough time to test it out and be sure if Swype is for you.

Via: Engadget


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