The Best Games This Month In GIFS: July 2014 iOS Edition

The Best Games This Month In GIFS: July 2014 iOS Edition

This month we went to the beach, drank mojitos, danced barefoot under the moonlight till dawn, and then beheld the worldwide grand finals of extreme kite-surfing.

No, well, seriously. We didn’t. We were getting cold under the office air conditioning, which wrestles with the thermostat to reach zero degrees Kelvin, hence the Absolute power to impose its realm of icy cold terror everywhere (you know, first the office, then the world).

We saw how our friends went on holidays to paradisaical destinations and stuffed their Instagram and Facebook full of dream postcards.

We browsed an infinite number of apps that little deserved their own existence, and others which achieved great success and profit but in alternate timelines.

We also put our paws on some awesome games, those that make this job so wonderful. We’ve chosen the best iOS games of July 2014 so you can just download them directly and go to the beach. Dance barefoot on our behalf once your battery runs out.

7.- Guardians of the Galaxy: the Ultimate Weapon

We’re unfortunately used to vulgar tie-in mobile games every time a blockbuster is launched, but fortunately the space Ent, the space Raccon, the space Golem, the space kickass Girl and the Human in outer Space haven’t let us down. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Ultimate Weapon features an awesome real time tactical game.

Check out the full review (9.1/10) and download:

6.-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In an ideal world, we video game journalists would just tweet something like “Hey, the guys from Combo Crew have made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game,” and that would be enough. But reality is stubborn enough to oblige us not only to review and rate it, but also add such incredible games to lists like this.

Check out the full review (9.1/10) and download:

5.- Assassin’s Creed: Pirates

While we patiently wait for an Assassin’s Creed: Ninjas (no harm in asking), someone at Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to lower the price of Assassin’s Creed: Pirates to a measly $0.10 for a time. Therefore, if a bottle of rum costs $9, you could enjoy the closest thing to a pirate’s life for $9.10, which is quite a bargain.

Check out the full review (9.2/10) and download:

4.- Revolution 60

Kickass spies, a futuristic setting, retro-not-so-retro-but-artsy graphics, and outstanding design make Revolution 60 an adventure perfectly fitted to mobile environment and full of life or death choices that will determine which of the 24 endings you get.

Check out the full review (9.2/10) and download:

3.- Republique

Well, Republique isn’t a new game at all since it was published a few months ago. We even uplifted Hope, the main character, to the Olympus of mobile sexiness based on attitude at the time. However, we felt this game deserved a little bit more of awareness given its outstanding originality and gameplay.

Check out the full review (9.4/10) and download:

2.- Modern Combat 5

Gameloft persists in making the best FPS for mobile, regardless how much FPS are actually suited for mobile. Modern Combat 5 delivers console-like gameplay experience along a thrilling storyline of evildoer terrorists and good guys with machine guns.

Check out the full review (9.5/10) and download:

1.- 80 days

The choose-your-own-adventure game that’s going to rule them all and redefine the laws of the genre. As we saw it coming, we interviewed the developers a few weeks ago. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg: the best is still to come.

Check out the full review (9.7/10) and download:


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