The First 3 Games For Google Glass

The First 3 Games For Google Glass

As we wrote a few weeks ago, Google Glass is a great idea that can bring endless possibilities. Working with voice commands and displaying the information hands-free, this gadget allows you to take pictures and record videos from your own p.o.v, use different apps that are already available, follow directions in a much easier way and practically ask whatever you want to obtain an answer. Of course, games couldn't wait longer to arrive to Google Glass, given the high interaction that this hardware provides.

So the first game ever to be created for Google Glass is named Star Finder and its developer is dSky9. What does the game consist of? As a version of a previous developed game for devices, in Star Finder, the goal is to find constellations within the given time, as you can see in the video below.

The second game that was launched is GlassBattle, a version of Battleship developed by BrickSimple. The game is already popular and well-known around the world so it doesn't really need further explanation. Also, as it doesn't require much attention, you can play it while doing plenty of other stuff, as seen in the video.

Last but not least, there's Escape, by AMA Ltd. Escape is the typical yet really enjoyable puzzle game where you need to complete the puzzle by passing over every block only by moving horizontally and vertically. Will you manage to finish each game while shopping groceries?

Which one will be your first game for Google Glass?


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