The Top 3 Indian Developers

The Top 3 Indian Developers

Forget Brazil, forget Australia, forget France. Since many years ago, it's a well known secret that the next generation of super developers will come from India. And if we say the "next" is because the current one is working abroad for already consolidated companies. In the meanwhile, compared to the limitless ocean of available apps on market, the amount of Indian apps for India or nearby consumers is relatively scarce.

Anyway, let's briefly go over the three (arguably) most relevant Indian developers, in order to encourage others to follow their trail.


Indiagames may be better known for their work as distributors, but they have released quite a bunch of popular games. Perhaps the most played is Hitout Heroes, one of their many cricket games for mobile, though we should also highlight Heroine, Chennai Express, and other games tied in to popular Bollywood films.

Reliance Entertainment

Reliance is a monster in Indian media, and also in a greater or lesser degree, behind games linked to both Hollywood blockbusters like Real Steel]/b] and successful Bollywood films. In the meanwhile, they have also launched casual games about the popular character Chota Bheem such as [b]Mice Mayhem for Android. They have their own cricket games, by the way.

Gameshastra India

Gameshastra is most likely to be one of your favorites, not only for their Krrish 3 The Game but also for Race 2 and other games. Even some of them try to lure Asian users to US culture, take as examples Route 66 and Rangy Lil. As the other aforementioned developers, they might not always be super high quality games, but are fairly above average and are usually very enjoyable.

So far, these seem the most important Indian developers, though there are many more. And most important, though, we're sure the best is yet to come and soon we'll enjoy high quality, highly creative Indian games developed in an unexpected place. Who knows if the next Angry Birds comes from India. In the end, Indian users have the key for it.

Don't forget to add your favorite Indian developers in the comments below.


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