The Ultimate Summer Post: 10 Apps For The Holidays

The Ultimate Summer Post: 10 Apps For The Holidays

Today, 1st of August, many of you will say goodbye to work and welcome the real summer. You might go to a wonderful destination, lay on beautiful beaches, visit great cities and spend time with your family, partner or friends. And in these moments of relax and deeply happiness, we want to recommend you some apps that will make a good companion.

First things first: Don't know what to do? Wanna plan your tip and book flights and hotels with Trip It (Android and iOS)!

Don't worry about company. If you are by yourself, feel free to use Badoo in order to meet new people. And if you just want to communicate with your special other, what about Between? Forget about anyone else. For Android and iOS.

You'll probably want to brag about your destinations, get recommendations of the best restaurants and places to visit, right? The best way to do so is to get addicted to Yelp (Android and iOS) and Foursquare (Android and iOS), apps that will let other users be green with envy.

Speaking of bragging, what's better than recording a video so all your friends can see where you're at? Film with Vine (Android and iOS) and create special videos of your holidays.

But before you decide to go to the beach or spend the whole day outside, you should check out the weather forecast, in case you find yourself in the middle of a summer storm. Accuweather (Android and iOS):

Although you're happy and carefree, you still might want to know what's going on with the world. Try out Pulse (Android only) and remain up-to-date.

Last but not least, we wanted to present some games that might help you have your kids entertained and busy, as well as others that are perfect for playing while laying on the beach or resting in hotels.

For your children to play together, Bam Fu (Android and iOS):

For you and your extreme amount of free time, Galaxy on Fire 2 (Android and iOS):

And finally, a family game to play altogether while waiting for meals to be served or before going to bed, UNO! (Android and iOS)


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