The Waterproof Battle: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Sony Xperia Z

The Waterproof Battle: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Sony Xperia Z

Although waterproof smartphones seem like a great idea, results have always been underwhelming because of slow processors, disappointing screens and other failures. In Japan, though, every smartphone is waterproof, but outside their market, you need to choose between having a great smartphone and take good care of it; or purchase a waterproof with fewer features.

This summer, however, this statement is about to change. Both Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 active will be available as high quality devices with fast processors, good cameras, slim designs and yes, waterproof.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

While Samsung Galaxy S4 will probably be the most popular Android smartphone of the year because of its great performance; it offers the same characteristics as the S4 Active, except for the camera resolution, which is slightly higher. S4 Active looks great, has all the software you might need and works great.

The Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z has an excellent design, great battery features and a waterproof construction. On the other hand, the software is dated, the viewing angles are poor and the performance is not perfect, although it is Sony's best phone ever. You can use this phone anywhere, but don't use it underwater, as it can act a little crazy. However, there shouldn't be any problem in getting it wet.

So, as a conclusion, it doesn't seem to take much to make a phone waterproof nowadays. Shouldn't all devices be water and dust proof? Is it the phone of the future?

Source: TheVerge


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