Truth Or Dare: Why Would Huawei Buy Nokia?

Truth Or Dare: Why Would Huawei Buy Nokia?

It came as a surprise when the Vice-president of the Chinese smartphone company Huawei, Richard Yu, said yesterday that they were "open-minded" on buying the prestigious Finnish Nokia.

These remarks, published on the Financial Times, had an astonishing effect as Nokia's shares on the stock market increased 11% quite quickly on the next few hours. As showed in the following graph:

Not a day had passed when a response came from Huawei's headquarters in China. Claiming that the company has "no plans" to purchase Nokia whatsoever.

These chain of events is yet to be judged as either an attempt or a slip up. What is clear now is that Nokia is not on its best moment and using Windows Phone operating system, as opposed to the extended Android, didn't seem to help them very much.

It is not a secret that Huawei is an ambitious company with an ambitious plan to establish in the USA and European markets. A company like Nokia would help them gain client's trust in both areas, making them compete in the major league with Samsung or even Apple. Providing benefits for both parts.

So, the outcome of this rumours has to be seen. But, most times in business, where there is smoke there is fire.

Source: AllThingsD


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